Beste Hellas is the exclusive representative of the company Setexam, based in Morocco, that produces the patented Agar-Agar of highest quality and consistency for food applications and pharmaceutical.

Agar-Agar has dissolution properties, high capacity of water retention, bright texture for firm gels, thickening as well as unique hysteresis which allows stabilizing several dairy applications.

Agar-Agar has jellifying properties for desserts (pudding, pies, tarts, cookies, pastries, cheesecakes), jelly candy, soups, sauce and does not give any shading, flavor or smell to the nourishment which it is added.

Agar-Agar offers very good solubility at low temperatures, stability, elasticity, solidification and density in confectionery, caramel and dairy products.

Beste Hellas also cooperates with the company Arthur Branwell from the UK, which they produce and supply an extensive range of high quality ingredients to the world’s food and pharmaceutical industries.

Beste Hellas offers a broad portfolio of individual ingredients which play an important role in enhancing the texture, taste and shelf life of chilled and dairy products, such as:

  • Cellulose for the bakery and cream / sausage sector - HPMC
  • Xanthan gum for the salad sector
  • Mixture of guar gum and xanthan gum.
  • Cellulose for the bakery and cream / sausage sector

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